Golden Harvest

Golden harvest for gallery s. bensimon

Paris 2015

Golden Harvest consist of an attempt to bridge the gap between tradition and technology with exercises addressing the Golden Grass as main inspiration and material. The Gallery S. Bensimon invited Guto Requena to approach Exploration as guideline to develop the products, which consist of a pair of thrones, floor lamp, room divider, coffee and side table and a mirror. In an attempt to discover the depths of the culture behind the Capim Dourado, the team went on a journey to Jalapão, meeting not only a beautiful material, but also a really rich and exhilarating culture.

A fine-tuned composition of capim dourado, metal and glass materialize the tradition, music and aesthetic from the communities of artisans visited by the studio. Every objects produced has within itself a metal sheet perforated with a honeycomb pattern distorted by the tradition melodies sung by the producers of capim dourado in the village of Mumbuca.


Golden Harvest Collection by Estudio Guto Requena
for Gallery S. Bensimon
creation: Guto Requena
project: André Romitelli
photos: Ayla Hibri and Vitor Reis
video: André Romitelli

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