Emotive Cartography

Emotive Cartography by Estudio Guto Requena

Casa Cor São Paulo, 2015

Bar Stella Artois reveals the memory of its location, the remnants of previous Casa Cor expos and the events that happened there. The terrace offers a privileged view of the Jockey Club and opens to the skyline of Marginal Pinheiros in celebration of the city. The interior space, by contrast, is an invitation to introspection.

The 12 benches of the indoor bar were created from ordinary wooden benches that have been “hacked” with the addition of ball feet which raise them 10cm, and upholstered with raw silk produced by silkworms in southern Brazil and dyed with organic material such as onions, beets and earth.

Total area: 320m2
Interior lounge, terrace and bathrooms
Project concept and oversight: Guto Requena
Estudio Guto Requena Team: Paula Molinari, Joana Telles, Patrícia Giufrida, André Romitelli, Martina Brusius
Interactive installation: Rita Wu, Luka Brajovic, Dimitre Lima, Eduzal
Landscaping: Camila Opípari, Rulian Nociti

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