brazilian pavilion

brazilian pavilion

EXPO Milan 2015

I had the opportunity to join the team composed by Atelier Marko Brajovic + Studio Arthur Casas that won the competition for the Brazilian Pavilion at the EXPO2015 in Milan. Conceptual design and parametric skills were used to create the nest, simulated using parametric tools.

Architecture – Studio Arthur Casas
Author - Arthur Casas
Co-authors - Alexandra Kayat, Gabriel Ranieri, Alessandra Mattar, Eduardo Mikowski, Nara Telles, Pedro Ribeiro and Raul Cano.
Project coordination - Alexandra Kayat
Co-author and interior design coordination - Renata Adoni
Studio director - Marilia Pellegrini
Collaborators - Arnault Weber, Rodrigo Tamburus, Fernanda Müller, Daniel Vianna and Juliana Matalon.

Exhbition and scenography - Atelier Marko Brajovic
Criative direction - Marko Brajovic and Carmela Rocha
Project coodination - Carmela Rocha
Graphic design - Estudia Design
Collaborators - Martina Brusius, Milica Djordjevic and André Romitelli

Pictures: Rodrigo Mathias



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